Blog 1

Blog 1

Thank you to all my network who have given me such positive feedback on my latest eBook – Hidden Evil. I thought you may be interested in the dedication I used in Hidden Evil.

I truly believe it is time for us all to take action on this very important issue.

Archangel Michael’s channeled vision of the cycle of life and death for animals upon the earth.

Heaven can no longer contain the tears and anguish of the animals of this world.

The brutality and the injustices inflicted upon the innocent must stop.

There will never ever be peace for humans on earth while this war is waged upon these innocent sentient beings.

God has given every human their own free will and will never take that away. Humans have within the innate power to procreate and destroy. And through harnessing the power of their collective manifestation and desire, they summon the return of the souls of animals to earth.

The souls of the animals are crying and screaming because they are being reincarnated against their will over and over again

They want to be liberated from human bondage on earth.


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