Excerpt from The Australian Ghost Whisperer

Excerpt from The Australian Ghost Whisperer

We are all descendants of the one divine life force that is God. God is Love

We are all unique equal in worthiness, united in love.

Each one of us fulfilling our divine purpose equally.

You may be a mother raising your children, or a heart surgeon saving lives.

We all share a common thread: to weave into the tapestry of our lives the experience of love.

Love is what we all yearn for.

This experience, which evokes within us the feeling of joy is the music in our souls.

Love in all its splendor and glory is at the center of our beings.

It is the divine fuel within our hearts that drives us forward each day for the purpose of experiencing joy.

Love is the laughter of children innocently playing.

Love is felt in the embrace of a loved one.

Love is the excitement of a passionate kiss.

Love is the only thing we yearn for when we need comfort and reassurance.

Everything else is just an illusion; suffering is temptation to forget the true nature of the glory that lives within you.

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