The Holy Chamber

The Holy Chamber

These days we are experiencing an epidemic of people on anti-depression medications, and every day I see sad and lonely people.

So many people are no longer happy or excited to be present in their lives.

We all need to spend time in meditation or prayer.

As we do this, we will begin to heal our inner turmoil and in turn heal others.

With this daily practice calmness and peace will be restored; feelings of greater love and respect for each other will be felt among us all.

The love within your heart is a Holy Chamber.

This is the place where true devotion takes place.

It is a place of Peace and Gratitude, a place so powerfully connected with Creator God; all you have to do is enter for healing and miracles to occur.

Words are not necessary.

Being there with your Creator in silence is the prayer, and entering the Holy Chamber is a sacred act.

As you are joined in the Holy Chamber with the Creator of all that is, love will be activated which will attract to you whatever is needed.

This is a sacred place within your existence and you can know when you have entered it by the complete stillness therein.

When you decide to start your meditation it is a good to pick the same time each day.

You could create a small space in your bedroom, as your sacred space, add a healing alter where you can place some fresh flowers and lit candles.

You could place some pictures of loved ones to your alter.

I recommend fasting for 24 hours, when possible, on raw fruits, nuts and vegetables, as this will help your energy to feel light and bright, allowing you to gravitate into the higher realms.

When your heart desires to choose peace and love, then you must commit to the evolution of your soul.

You cannot achieve this through worldly activities alone.

Help is available to us all if we open our hearts and ask.


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