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Welcome to the world of the spirit realms, the supernatural, the paranormal and the afterlife….the world of Australia’s Ghost Whisperer, Caterina Ligato.

Caterina was always destined to be a psychic healer. At the tender age of three, she became aware of her ability to communicate with the spirit world and rather than be afraid of the Aboriginal ghosts at the bottom of her family’s garden, she eagerly awaited their visits. So began, her deep and lifelong connection with the spirit realms.

Her unparalleled abilities transcend the conventional boundaries of her peers and set her apart from other mediums, psychics and clairvoyants.

Caterina has dedicated her life to helping people in a compassionate and caring way, achieving phenomenal results in the process. Whether it is connecting with a deceased loved one and sharing messages from ‘the other side’; performing exorcisms; clearing malevolent energies from houses and buildings, or effecting spiritual healing for those in need, Caterina’s bountiful gifts have attracted a strong and devout following both in Australia and internationally.

She has authored her second book ‘The Australian Ghost Whisperer‘. With the assistance of her spirit guides, Caterina has developed into a powerful and extraordinary psychic healer. Her stories of exorcism, healing sessions and spiritual communication have spread and she now receives requests for help from all around the world.

Caterina is truly a ghost whisperer and in this book she shares her fascinating personal experiences dealing with the spirit world and gives an insight into the battles between good and evil she sees occurring in the most ordinary homes all around Australia. Her encounters with lost souls, spirit possession and the occult are intense and often chilling but her message of faith and the power of good to overcome restores hope to us all. Boasting some incredible first hand accounts from Caterina’s clients, this book offers a most unique, brave, and candid insight into the spirit world.

Caterina Ligato is a true conduit between this world and the next!