Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

Whether conscious of it or not, each individual, to varying degrees, carries some form of ’emotional baggage’ that can affect the soul on a very profound level and impact them both mentally and physically.

We often hang on to negative experiences and allow them to accumulate – often without even being aware of the manifesting issues. Problematic habits, or a pessimistic outlook for example, can lead to suppressed emotions and a build-up of inhibiting negative energy which in turn, acts as a magnet, attracting further negativity to your life . Many people lack self-confidence or find that they constantly attract the wrong experiences, friends, employers, clients and especially, partners. There is no reason for anyone to have to endure such hardships. Life is about living, not enduring!

Caterina’s advanced psychic abilities means that she is able to literally see and feel the energy of a person, allowing her to make an accurate analysis of their emotional, physical and spiritual condition.

Each person’s soul contains their entire ‘life records’ where every aspect of their existence is recorded: physical, emotional, rational and spiritual. Just as a doctor would look at a person’s medical history, Caterina has the unique ability to read people’s souls and assess any spiritual ailments that require healing.

Unresolved emotions, hate, fear and unloving aspects of ourselves can manifest as a mental illness or imbalance, a physical disease or a paranormal disturbance. As a result, people may feel low on energy, drained, trapped, directionless or stuck in a rut that they find impossible to get themselves out of.

By connecting to the spirit realm, Caterina is able to assist the soul in ‘healing’ these energy blockages and removing the emotional baggage, allowing her clients to replace negative energy with powerful, loving positivity and a vibrant, focused, sense of self.

Caterina has assisted thousands of people overcome a multitude of issues that have held them back, restoring clients with a renewed sense of freedom and control over their life’s path. With Caterina’s insight, sensitivity and amazing gifts, she can reinvigorate you with a ‘spiritual boost’ that will give you a whole new understanding of the spirit world – and most importantly, yourself.

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