Hidden Evil book excerpt

Hidden Evil book excerpt

Sadly, there are some individuals who die suddenly or are terrified by death. They may have had little or no understanding of the afterlife, or simply believed that once dead, nothing more exists.

“My guides have urged me to write this book on the ill-effects of eating meat and the mistreatment of animals.

You must read this book.”
Caterina Ligato – author of Ghost Whisperer and The Australian Ghost Whisperer

“If you don’t want to harm animals, you have to become a vegan – that’s it”
James Aspey – Animal Rights Activist

“Everyone says they are against animal cruelty, slavery, unnecessary violence, picking on the weak and defenseless and siding with the aggressor, etc. yet when we consume these meat products, we are in direct violation of these principles. So, all you’re doing by going vegan is living in alignment with the values you claim to hold dear”.
George Martin – Animal Rights Activist

ALL proceeds from sale of this eBook/book will be donated to animal shelters.

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