Space Clearing

Space Clearing

If, without explanation, you find your home or work place an unpleasant place to be, there are two possible explanations as to what may be causing the problem:

Trapped Spirits

When a person dies, their spirit can sometimes remain attached to a home or place of business – usually because of an emotional attachment to the building itself. Although some people actually acknowledge a ‘friendly ghost’ that may be living with them, others can find the experience far from pleasant. Spirits can manifest as anything from a minor nuisance – poking you, flicking lights on and off – to being far more intrusive and malevolent, causing major problems for everyone around them. Whatever your situation, Caterina can help these ‘trapped spirits’ cross over to the spirit world, ensuring your unwelcome visitors will refrain from causing further problems. Caterina has cleared thousands of spirits from homes and buildings and is without peer when it comes to removing unwanted paranormal disturbances.

Residual Energy

As everyone knows, human beings can give off either a positive or a negative energy. What you may not be aware, is that this energy is ‘recorded’ inside a dwelling and can accumulate over time. Not a problem if your home or business is exposed to positive energy, but a major problem if it’s the exact opposite.

Residences that have had an influx of tenants (houses that have had several owners, rental properties) are especially prone to being exposed to different energies – energies that need to be cleared and reset so that only positivity remains. A build-up of negative energy can have an extremely detrimental effect on a person resulting in; a lack of energy, feelings of dread and unease, even an increase of negative behaviours towards others.

Places of business, are generally prone to a heavy flow of human traffic, and are highly susceptible to energy build-up. Once again, great if yours is a successful work place, but not so wonderful if your business is failing or if you have a group of disgruntled, unhappy employees. Caterina has cleared a multitude of businesses over the years – commercial, industrial, hotels… you name it! And each one has seen business boom, once Caterina has removed the negativity and put a powerful positive energy in its place. If you own a business that has large numbers of people frequent your premises, you need to be aware of the potential for negative energy to be left behind by your customers and patrons.

Caterina has many glowing and heartfelt testimonials from people she has helped by removing spirits and negative energies from homes and businesses and returning them to their true, harmonious state.

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