Caterina has made a significant and positive difference to the lives of thousands of people. Here is what some of the media and her clients have said.

“A fascinating book that puts the paranormal into perspective once and for all. She’s ghost whisperer, medium and exorcist rolled into one…Caterina Ligato, a gifted psychic has been quietly and steadily performing little ‘miracles’ for those who choose to consult her on other-worldy matters.”
Urban Life Magazine

“You don’t need to move out of a haunted house to restore your peace of mind.”
Radar Feature, Sydney Morning Herald

“The steady stream of people who seek her services often contact her as a last resort, after nothing can explain the changes in a loved one.”
Woman’s Day

“If you’re feeling stuck, confused or fearful of change, Caterina Ligato can help you.”
Inner Western Courier

“The spiritual healing made me feel a part of the process because as Mrs. Ligato worked I honestly felt myself getting increasingly relaxed.”
The Glebe

“Being sceptical is great. Often people who come to me have gone to someone else and are left disillusioned. If you have left a reading and don’t feel positive, if they’ve told you stuff that’s scary or frightening or they make predictions about death, there’s something wrong.”
City Weekly

“According to Caterina, it is not only the spirits of deceased persons that can manifest in a place, but also residual energies from the living.”
Insight Magazine

“Caterina Ligato says guiding lost spirits and exorcising demons is all in a day’s work.”
Who Magazine

“Caterina helps individuals and businesses ‘clear’ negative energies..Once they’d cleared that negative energy, things began to flow.”
Essential, Sydney Morning Herald

“Unresolved emotions and scars, hate and fear have a huge impact on our mental and emotional health…on how attachment of a foreign energy can affect a person’s emotions, state of mind and personality. ”
Nature & Health Magazine

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