Exorcism Healing

Exorcism Healing

If you have ever dabbled with Ouija boards, attended séances, taken drugs or even suffered from depression, you may have been psychically exposed to the spirit world. Unfortunately under these circumstances, negative or even demonic spirits may have influenced you.

Symptoms of demonic psychic interference are usually extreme, excessive and beyond ‘conventional’ explanation.

They include, but are not limited to:

Persistant nightmares and disturbed sleep.
Extreme fluctuations in body temperature; night sweats and/or feeling chills.
The presence of foul odours.
Extreme emotional instability; depression or sudden outbursts of anger and violence.
Extreme tiredness and a constant ‘draining’ feeling.
Feeling of suffocation and pressing weight on your chest.
Throbbing pain on your solar plexus.
Hearing voices.
Aversion to anything sacred, spiritual and holy.
Caterina has battled demons waged war with those who practice the black arts and has channeled her healing powers and Gods light to release negative spirits from people trapped in their clutches. She has bravely stood up to a vast array of evil entities, on every occasion, releasing these entities and liberating their victims who have all since returned to a regular and happy life.

Whilst the vast majority of alleged possessions are in fact symptomatic of some degree of mental illness or depression, do not fall into the false belief that possession is the creation of film makers and writers of fiction.

As part of her consultation with you, Caterina may recommend rehabilitation or other professional medical services, which may assist you in your quest to achieve optimal mental and physical health.

In her book Ghost Whisperer, Caterina talks about how, for over 20 years, she has developed her psychic abilities to become the country’s leading healer. Caterina provides readers with an in-depth understanding of psychic interference, lost souls, demonic possession and the dangers that can result from dabbling in magic.

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