The Holy Chamber

The Holy Chamber

These days we are experiencing an epidemic of people on anti-depression medications, and every day I see sad and lonely people.

So many people are no longer happy or excited to be present in their lives.

We all need to spend time in meditation or prayer.

As we do this, we will begin to heal our inner turmoil and in turn heal others.

With this daily practice calmness and peace will be restored; feelings of greater love and respect for each other will be felt among us all.

The love within your heart is a Holy Chamber.

This is the place where true devotion takes place.

It is a place of Peace and Gratitude, a place so powerfully connected with Creator God; all you have to do is enter for healing and miracles to occur.

Words are not necessary.

Being there with your Creator in silence is the prayer, and entering the Holy Chamber is a sacred act.

As you are joined in the Holy Chamber with the Creator of all that is, love will be activated which will attract to you whatever is needed.

This is a sacred place within your existence and you can know when you have entered it by the complete stillness therein.

When you decide to start your meditation it is a good to pick the same time each day.

You could create a small space in your bedroom, as your sacred space, add a healing alter where you can place some fresh flowers and lit candles.

You could place some pictures of loved ones to your alter.

I recommend fasting for 24 hours, when possible, on raw fruits, nuts and vegetables, as this will help your energy to feel light and bright, allowing you to gravitate into the higher realms.

When your heart desires to choose peace and love, then you must commit to the evolution of your soul.

You cannot achieve this through worldly activities alone.

Help is available to us all if we open our hearts and ask.


Excerpt from The Australian Ghost Whisperer

Excerpt from The Australian Ghost Whisperer

We are all descendants of the one divine life force that is God. God is Love

We are all unique equal in worthiness, united in love.

Each one of us fulfilling our divine purpose equally.

You may be a mother raising your children, or a heart surgeon saving lives.

We all share a common thread: to weave into the tapestry of our lives the experience of love.

Love is what we all yearn for.

This experience, which evokes within us the feeling of joy is the music in our souls.

Love in all its splendor and glory is at the center of our beings.

It is the divine fuel within our hearts that drives us forward each day for the purpose of experiencing joy.

Love is the laughter of children innocently playing.

Love is felt in the embrace of a loved one.

Love is the excitement of a passionate kiss.

Love is the only thing we yearn for when we need comfort and reassurance.

Everything else is just an illusion; suffering is temptation to forget the true nature of the glory that lives within you.

Blog 3

Blog 3

My Angels have always taught me to love and have compassion for all beings. Compassion is a state of life a way of being. In my work as a Healer i am always loving, thoughtful and empathetic to the needs of others. I could never not be this way. Therefore when the desperate pleas of the sentient beings, came to me from the spirit realms, i came to understand how cruel and unloving we have all been me included, when it comes to their innocent lives. I can never again look at meat and not think of the innocent life stolen, the suffering and finally the brutal murder of a sentient being. I can no longer look at milk or eggs and not see the immense suffering and exploitation and cruelty.
To feel compassion is to link yourself to love, mercy for the earth and all of God’s creatures. I pray every day that enough people will take a stand for what is right where animals are treated with love and respect. Killing is bad karma that will always return to us. Please want peace for us and the animals, this is the only way our world will ever experience peace. Animal products are unnatural foods for humans, which contribute to Cancer, Obesity, Diabetics, Heart Disease; Animal Agriculture is causing global warming, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction. Starvation for thousands of children dying because their grains, their water goes to animals to fatten them up for slaughter.
Humans are killing 60 Billion land animals to suite their pleasure in eating corpses. This will lead to many people spending their last days on earth begging to die, because the disease they have from a life time of consuming animal products is too much to bear. We will all face karma for causing so much pain and suffering to the animals and the innocent children that starved to death, whist we packed our supermarket trolley with meat and animal products. Collectively we can all raise our energy and the vibration on earth to align to Love and Compassion, this is the message God wishes to pass on to all of you ANIMAL AGRICULTURE is evil brutal and satanic from start to finish !,PLEASE help change this consumer driven world before it’s too late.

Blog 2

Blog 2

Dear friends you can change your world, and the fastest way to do that will be to step away from your fallacies and embrace a new spirituality. This would be the most courageous thing that humans have done for centuries. It could change human history. Many of humanity’s ideas and behaviors are not functional. They are Dysfunctional. This is because humans have abandoned their hearts. My guides tell me the world is hungry ,starving for new spiritual truth ,a truth that works in sustaining life , not a truth that brings an end to life .We are at this moment doing a great job at destroying our planet , our morals and our health. Most people do not dare say it publicly. The new spiritual truth begins like this. Kindness and compassion is a mark of a civilized society that can come together and conquer old ways and reconnect with our lost hearts and souls. Every year 300 abattoirs around Australia murder around seven million sentient beings that are the creations of God manifested here on earth just like you and me .You have the power in your hearts to STOP this barbaric out-dated evil practice by choosing to support all life.
God is alive in your hearts and in the hearts of all living creatures. We cannot love one life and murder another, Wars of hatred, killings, terrorism will continue for as long as we keep doing the same to God’s creatures. Vow to no longer contribute to suffering and your life; our world will begin to heal Amen!

In this video, celebrated speaker and psychologist Dr. Melanie Joy (from Harvard) explains the belief system that allows us to love some animals while consuming others:

Blog 1

Blog 1

Thank you to all my network who have given me such positive feedback on my latest eBook – Hidden Evil. I thought you may be interested in the dedication I used in Hidden Evil.

I truly believe it is time for us all to take action on this very important issue.

Archangel Michael’s channeled vision of the cycle of life and death for animals upon the earth.

Heaven can no longer contain the tears and anguish of the animals of this world.

The brutality and the injustices inflicted upon the innocent must stop.

There will never ever be peace for humans on earth while this war is waged upon these innocent sentient beings.

God has given every human their own free will and will never take that away. Humans have within the innate power to procreate and destroy. And through harnessing the power of their collective manifestation and desire, they summon the return of the souls of animals to earth.

The souls of the animals are crying and screaming because they are being reincarnated against their will over and over again

They want to be liberated from human bondage on earth.


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Welcome to my blog


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