My Dear Friends

While Sydney goes through another lockdown period during this time bringing great uncertainty to millions of people, including myself, I knew it was time for me to have a deep meditation session with my spirit guides – and to write a newsletter to reach all my friends and clients who need guidance and reassurance at this time of ‘transition’ happening across the earth and humanity.

After going into deep meditation and prayer, I realised that as many spiritual teachers and writers around the world have been saying, the coronavirus pandemic is a sign of global change and transition, in human history. Some might call it, as Eckhart Tolle has described it, the ‘birth pangs’ of a ‘new earth’. We are clearly entering a new era in which the current systems of our human society (which are clearly not feasible for us and all forms of life to survive on this planet), are beginning to fall apart. What my spirit guides have assured me, is that a new way of living, a more harmonious, caring, cooperative and loving era of humanity is on the way.

But before this can occur, each and every one of us, including me – must release our attachment to old pain, distractions, former unconscious patterns and perhaps too much materialism and busyness. We need to make the choice to reconnect with our true inner-Self within, (our Soul-Psyche) and stop depending on external sources of validation from without. When we each do this, together and collectively, we all birth the new arising consciousness through us, into this world.

*Let me give you an example of a recent healing I did by phone.

A lady in her 40’s whom I will call Martha, has faced constant fears of unemployment all her adult life, despite obtaining three university degrees, an entire folder full of glowing written career endorsements and references, and working honestly hard for decades. Despite all her hard work, she has been bullied and harassed out of almost every job and constantly finds herself facing unemployment and financial insecurity.

We did a phone session recently and I invited Martha to sit in a state of complete and total ‘presence’ so that she was feeling her fear and worry fully, and was ‘being with’ the fear of unemployment, and the distress of low to no income for an indefinite time.

I invited Martha to be fully present, with her fear and pain in order to witness it, whilst feeling it. With my own presence, over the phone, together we allowed the pain and fear to rise to the surface in her body. Martha felt an intense contracted tightness in her throat, chest-heart area and her solar-plexus abdomen. Martha also realised she felt the physical sensations of tension and fear in her face and jaw, where she has experienced a life-time of jaw pain and headaches.

I then asked Martha if she had experienced these feelings and sensations of fear before. Were there previous times and situations in her life, where this similar feeling and sensation of the fear of unemployment, poverty and even homelessness, had been suffered before?

Martha suddenly remembered when she was six years old, standing on a highway outside her primary school in a regional part of Australia, waiting for her mother to pick her up. Her mother had forgotten to collect her. This had happened a few times. Martha’s mother was married to a narcissistic abusive husband, so was often exhausted and sometimes slept during the day when her husband was at work. This meant however, that Martha’s mother was not ‘present’ for Martha as a child, and routinely forgot to collect Martha from school.

I asked Martha whether she felt ‘unwanted’ and forgotten. Martha said ‘yes – that’s it’. We realised that the painful emotional energy pattern, the lower frequency vibration of being forgotten and unwanted – of feeling like a burden and cost to her mother – was the same energy pattern repeating in her adult life, with regard to her career and a constant sense of being unemployed – ‘unwanted’. Once the pain was felt, witnessed and then surrendered to Source (God, Higher Power, and Spirit – whatever term you prefer to call it) Martha felt a ‘release’ in her body. Suddenly, the worry and fear, seemed to dissipate.

What is important to note with this anonymous anecdote, Martha, was willing to take responsibility for her present life situation. This is important because in order for Martha’s external physical life experience to change – the change must happen first, within her. Once the shift has happened within – then the external world, the ‘mirror,’ will reflect back to Martha, the change and shift that happened within her.

It is important to note that despite   lockdowns or geographical distance, my clients can feel my presence aiding and supporting their own ‘presence’, without my physical proximity in the same room if needed. As scholars like Rupert Sheldrake write, resonance means that a shift in one being no matter where they are on the planet can result in shifts within others, across long distances.  When our session is complete, my clients feel more empowered, as if they healed themselves. In many respects – they have.

What I do – is I act as a ‘medium’ – so the healing is not done by me; it happens through me, as a ‘witness’ who is anchored in a very present state of consciousness and high frequency vibration. My spirit guides also support me with their guidance and energy.

The difference between the spiritual healing coaching sessions I offer, and that which perhaps psychotherapists or psychologists might offer – is that I take a spiritual approach. Also, I regard emotional pain and painful thoughts – as energy.  Although stuck painful emotional energy, which is not released from the body – can have a negative impact on our physical body and physical health.

The painful life challenges and experiences we have had – are perhaps more like injuries, rather than illnesses, that might leave a scar or a ‘cloud’ over our psyche (soul). However, the cloud can be melted. Similarly, if we fall over and cut our knee, we do not call the bleeding an ‘illness’ or ‘disease’ – but treat it as an injury to be cleansed, soothed, protected for a temporary period, so it is healed. But the injury is not permanent. So too with life’s painful experiences, traumas and challenges, I do not pathologise painful emotional responses to adverse life experiences. I regard emotions as stuck energy in the body that can be healed by being felt, witnessed – and released with compassion, love and grace.

Whilst painful life situations and experiences and traumas must be stated, understood, validated, acknowledged and witnessed with compassion – in my view, they must also be accepted and then released. My understanding and experience is that we need to witness, feel and also release emotional pain and painful experiences, and learn the wisdom of the lessons they can teach us.  When we do this, we let go of the ‘identification’ with the painful experiences, people, situations and losses. When we choose to do this – our true inner-Self (Soul), which is eternal and never truly harmed – can be remembered and emerge through us into the world, through our life journey earth. Then, we remember who we each truly are; eternally whole, complete and One with Source.

When we uncover and release old childhood experiences, patterns and hidden pain-body energies – our external situations then begin to attract miracles and solutions that our intellectual rational thinking mind cannot fathom or explain. This is because we are then resonating – at a higher frequency energy vibration.

So, despite lockdowns or dire economic predictions – miraculous events and synchronicities can still happen for us. Things work out in ways we could never imagine or predict, and we are astounded by the amazing turn of events. We might also receive inspired guidance on the right actions to take, in each moment, situation and day-to-day. Our decisions and actions seem joyful, easy and even effortless. Other people are puzzled as to why we seem to be calm and peaceful, whilst the world and its systems are in chaos.

My client Martha, told me she previously had an experience of receiving spontaneous generous support that was offered to her by an airport’s management (she did not ask for it) when she was once stranded at a major international airport. This happened out of the blue, despite Martha being on her own and without sufficient money at the time. Martha had ‘surrendered’ the resistance and worry in the moment. All fear or sense of struggle suddenly vanished from her body. She did as the late Joseph Murphy said in his lectures; she ‘let go’.

Whilst some life coaches or spiritual gurus might insist we must ‘take action’ and ‘make things happen,’ my experience is that this is not always the case. Many times, that is the ego false self-talking, from a place of childhood fear that the parents are asleep and are not taking care of us so the helpless child feels it ‘take care of itself’ to survive, and so is desperate to ‘make things happen’ and to ‘chase’.

Know that Source is not asleep – Source is here for all of us. But to reconnect and to hear and receive guidance and miracles from Source, we need to wake up too – by feeling and then releasing the pain-body energy of fear inside of us which sometimes block Source (the way dark clouds might block sunlight). These are the fears and old patterns that the pandemic might sometimes be triggering through all types of circumstances such as lockdowns, financial or other loss and for some, the death of loved ones who have transitioned back into the Light (heaven).

Some call this process of feeling, being with, witnessing, not judging and then releasing painful emotional energy and false-self-identity – ‘forgiveness’. You might prefer to just call it letting go and healing.

I know it can be hard and painful – I have done this myself and continue to heal my own fears as a fellow human being. So please be assured that I too know that it can be a difficult labour of love.

What I also offer, is additional insight to see entities, so I can discern whether a painful fearful sensation is coming from ‘interference’. Or whether your fear and worry is an old pattern from challenging life experiences that are stuck and still residing in the body as your ‘pain-body’. I can sense if your pain-body is being triggered to the surface by current life circumstances, such as pandemic lockdowns and the financial uncertainty and material losses that are happening for many of us.

Many dissident medical experts today seem to recognise that unresolved past painful traumatic experiences, reside in our bodies and nervous systems. However, when we face them with patience, compassion and presence, and seek to establish a secure attachment to our true inner selves (our Soul or ‘higher inner self’), these painful stuck emotional energies inside our bodies – can be released. Our true inner-Self, our ‘being’ then resonates at a higher frequency – and this allows us to hear guidance directly from our intuition (Source within us). As we resonate at this higher energy frequency vibration – we can attract abundance, miracles and new opportunities of support, wisdom and connection.

However, many people might find this hard to do on their own, at least at first. They need the presence of someone who is grounded and conscious enough themselves, who understands and can help them stay present and anchored for themselves. A spiritual healer and mentor needs to be present and conscious enough to help the other person both feel and witness, the pain-body inside themselves, so it can then be released.

My approach thus involves less talking and analysing, and seeks more to empower people to become their own evolved adults who have the inner wisdom and confidence to be their own authority in their life journey.

Spiritual Coaching-Mentoring Sessions

This is what I am now offering online, in my spiritual coaching-mentoring sessions.

If you want to release whatever pain-body energy pattern is within you, that current challenging and uncertain life circumstances are triggering to the surface – I offer sessions to help you to stay present and grounded with compassion, to do this ‘labour’ of going into the painful energy of whatever life’s circumstances are triggering for you at this time, being fully present with it with love, grace and compassion – and then surrendering it back to Source (Higher Power, God, Divine, whatever term you prefer to call this).

What often happens for clients is that they receive intuitive hits of guidance and confidence directly, of suddenly knowing what to do and feeling clear about the right action or direction to take – for themselves.

This is important as it ensures I am acting as a psychic-medium; not as your authority, guru or source. It helps to ensure that you yourself begin to learn to feel what it’s like to receive intuitive clear guidance directly from Source. On those rare occasions where people have a very dense and heavy pain-body, I will still act as a medium for spiritual guidance to come through me, to you, until you gain the confidence to begin receiving guidance directly yourself.

This is indeed like a birth labour – birthing the true inner Self from within you. It can be challenging as the old false-self, previous painful life patterns and unseen harsh life experiences (from childhood or even in adulthood), come to the surface to be seen and witnessed with compassion, love and Light. Then they can be surrendered back to Source, healed and you feel whole again (realizing that in fact you were always whole – the whole time!).

Spiritual Hypnotherapy Sessions

I will also be offering spiritual hypnotherapy sessions soon, that seek to bring about a similar healing process. Spiritual based hypnotherapy includes the added focus of really remembering and releasing, childhood experiences as well as any past-life experiences that might be repeating unconsciously, in this life-time.

Again, I then help you to release any stuck pain energy and past patterns, back to Source.

 We do not dwell on your past, after all your past is already where it belongs – in the past.

We focus on your future.

May we each come home to our true inner Self; the Divinity within each and every one of us. Together, we can heal each other and one by one, heal our world and humanity.

I look forward to connecting with you soon. Love and blessings

Caterina xo