Testimonials Personal

Testimonials Personal

Several months ago and for quite a number of years I was in a very dark place. I was in danger of losing my job, my life I was in a world of hopelessness. I felt I didn’t have a reason to go on! Then I bought a magazine (Good Health) and read an article about how a lady (Caterina Ligato) had saved a person’s life through spiritual healing. I made contacted with Caterina and have been having healings for almost 5 months now. In all honesty I can truly say that Caterina has SAVED my life! I have a totally new outlook on life, I cannot describe how she has made me feel except to say I am enjoying and embracing life for the first time in almost 10 years.
Caterina I owe you my life and to anyone else who wants their life back contact Caterina, I can highly, highly recommend her and as I say to people I talk to and people I look after, this lady is a miracle worker! God Bless.

Thanks you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my life back! Life is very good now!
Lesley, anaesthetic nurse Sydney.

Dear Caterina, Just dropping you a quick note to say thank you for sharing your gift with me. I had just finished a ten day meditation retreat and felt a bit out of sorts. Following the healing I felt very drained and tied, but a few weeks on I don’t feel that heaviness around my heart that I had carried for years! You truly do have a wonderful gift. I will be booking another appointment with you when I’m in Sydney next. Warmest Regards, Lisa Perth, WA

I would like to share my healing experience with you. I was recently diagnosed with high grade abnormal cells after my last pap smear which made me feel very frightened. After seeing the doctor I was told that I would have to have these abnormal cells removed. I am normally one that takes extreme care with my health, and opt for medical treatment as a last resort. I advised the doctor that I would like to wait a further few months before having this surgical treatment done. In the meantime I went to see Caterina Ligato who is well known for her healing abilities. The healings were very relaxing, and I always felt revived, recharged, and full of energy after them. I just knew I was on the right track. After three months I was scheduled to see the doctor for another test to see if anything had changed with my results, and sure enough the test results after having been high grade, were completely negative. The doctor was also very surprised. What a relief this was. I would definitely recommend Caterina for any healing, of any type, and I am also happy to give a verbal recommendation if required.
Lucy – Five Dock NSW

“It was an extremely powerful clearing”

Katie, Sydney

“Caterina Ligato is one of the most incredible people I have met. Having taken an interest in ‘New Age’ I made the terrible mistake of experimenting with magic, with dire consequences for myself and my family. I truly do not know what would have become of me without Caterina’s help. After her healing, I felt a peace beyond anything I had ever known. I am eternally grateful to Caterina and her extraordinary gift.”
Louise, Sydney

“She lifted all evil spirits from my home”
GM – Abbotsford, NSW

“There has been no more disconcerting phenomena since Caterina’s visit… I am happy to recommend Caterina Ligato and her unusual but extremely necessary services”
Robyn Gillard – NSW Australia

“I’ve had probably thirty readings, maybe more over the last seventeen years but you are the first one I’ve ever written a ‘thank you’ letter to! I’m sure you get hundreds of them from grateful people you’ve helped with your special gift. I’m afraid I’ve been guilty of clairvoyant ‘shopping’ in the last or so, looking for reassurance, somebody to tell me what I want to hear, give my (sometimes) heavy heart a bit of a jump start, all of that. So I’m delighted to say I felt really calm and relaxed after my phone reading with you. You have such lovely energy …… I look forward to another reading later in the year by which time I hope (in accordance with your reading) I’ll be enjoying an exciting new job which will also bring me love in the form of a handsome, well dressed man with brown hair (mmm…bring it on!). Thanks again Caterina.”
A Bernard – Queensland

Thank you so much for this spiritual healing. I really feel it is done now. I found myself saying thank you with relief and deep gratitude. I know without reservation that it is all true, after 30 years of spiritual trauma limiting my progress in life. I find Caterina a true and kind healer.Much love and gratitude.
Mary – A.C.T. NSW

I have known Caterina for many years as a wise and warm hearted friend and respected fellow healer. It goes without saying that her caring, selfless nature and accompanied by her finely attuned gifts of healing through connection with spirit have been a significant influence in my own journey. Both in my personal and professional life. Most recently, Caterina’s gentle and potent healing abilities have been a huge help for me during some major health challenges I faced in 2020. Her healing sessions have been significant in my recovery and I truly believe that it has been the key in allowing me to get on with my work and a healthier, more balanced life. Caterina is a truly authentic healer that is not so common in today’s world. She has dedicated her life to her healing mission and is a true instrument of spirit and light.

Andres, Sydney.