The Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club

My greatest challenge was being hired to clear what was once a nightclub called ‘The Hell Fire Club’ in the inner Sydney suburb of Chippendale.

The club had long since closed and the building, having been renovated, now housed a business called ‘Café Ideas’. I had been contacted by the owner who was very concerned about her staff. They constantly felt on edge and were often too afraid to stay back at night due to the unexplained noises and general feeling of dread they experienced.

When I arrived, I met the staff collectively and listened to their concerns. They all confirmed that they felt scared and panicked at times and many felt that they were being watched whilst inside the premises. Most of them had witnessed dark, menacing shadows moving around the building and experienced dramatic drops in temperature at times – consistent with the presence of ghosts.

I was aware that the building had once served as a mortuary and a tunnel running underground had been used to move coffins to the railway station situated across the road, for transportation to Rookwood Cemetery. To this very day, there are still sightings of ghosts at the Mortuary Station.

As I walked through the building, I was taken back to the past, by visions of workers wheeling coffins to and from the building. They were lined up in rows and I could hear the tormented cries of those who had been placed inside coffins whilst still alive! Death’s cold breath filled the room as the men handling the coffins seemed content to ignore the desperate cries and frantic scratching of those not dead.

As my psychic vision moved forward, I found myself standing in the Hell Fire Club. Images of lewd sexual acts, black cages suspended from the ceiling with naked women in them, loud, weird music and the heavy stench of drugs, smoke and alcohol overpowered my senses, turning my stomach and making my skin crawl.

I felt myself drawn to what had been the Club’s entrance and there I stood, terrified by the vision that was unfolding. I heard gunshots and screaming, as death slowly moved through like a dark cloud. The souls I saw were trapped in the moment of their death, unable to cross over into the spirit realms. They were shocked to be lying on the ground, bleeding in morbid fear. The energy was all consumed by the stench of blood, sweat, drugs and dead bodies.

There were spirits in every area of this building; some still believed they were trapped in coffins, others continued drinking and partying, whilst others still, were in those awful cages having sex. Each of them in a world of their own, totally oblivious, that the building was now a show room for cafes.

My endurance was about to be tested! With considerable help from God, I was able to release every soul from the bondage of their past and helped them cross over to the realms of spirit. Within days of the completion of my work, the staff began to feel happy and peaceful. A few months later, the excited owner called me to say that business was booming since the clearing.

Case Study
by Caterina Ligato