Negative Energy from the Past

Negative Energy from the Past

I received a call from a very anxious woman, who explained in desperate voice, that her family had been stressed to the point of exhaustion since moving into this home two years earlier. She could not summon the strength to clean the house or manage the simplest of chores. Her children refused to help, argued constantly with their parents and were reluctant to invite friends over. In desperation, she and her husband had attempted to sell the house, but despite it being in a highly sought-after area, six months passed and they hadn’t received a single offer. Prospective buyers came, but they often left midway through their inspections. Some even looked shocked as they left.

Walking through their home, I could immediately feel the family’s distress. The longer I was in there, the more I felt an energy of anger, bitterness and then debilitating nausea. Like so many of the people who had inspected this house, I too, felt like running out!

As I invited my spirit guides to help me tap into the energy of the past, I could clearly see an older woman, who had been the previous owner. While her spirit was not trapped in the home, her energy had permeated the entire environment. I read the energy and the source of the family’s problems became apparent to me. The old lady had been a very angry, bitter and hateful woman who had fought with everyone in her life and betrayed anyone who had tried to love her. She had lived alone, eventually become sick with cancer and took care of herself until the end.

I told the family about the woman’s past and explained how her energy was affecting their own lives and making them behave in a similar manner – with anger, bitterness and arguments.

I cleared the home forever of this negative energy and cleared the family members as well. Within days their energy levels had been restored. They felt happy, well and connected in a loving way. While they still decided to sell their home, to their delight, a sale was completed in just three weeks.

Case Study
by Caterina Ligato