Historic Haunted House

Historic Haunted House

A man from Balmain requested a phone consultation. He lived with his wife and two children in a home built over 100 years ago. Although they had spent money and energy on renovations to create their dream house, his family was ready to sell.

Since moving into the home, they had experienced terror and sleepless nights. Every time a family member stood at the top of the home’s staircase they felt a strong hand try to push them down. The doors opened and closed on their own, and the doors of a huge antique wardrobe in one of the bedrooms opened anytime a family member entered the room. They heard talking and footsteps along the hallway throughout the night.

I assured the family that I would be able to help the many spirits in the house cross over to the tunnel of spirit.

When I arrived I stood quietly in the home and my vision was taken beyond the present day, back to the past when the house was a boarding home for drunken old men. Many had died there and through fear their souls had remained trapped within its walls. They felt angry and frustrated that the new family had disturbed their environment. Clearly, these souls were on a mission to scare them out!

It took me several hours to convince each of the souls that they were indeed dead and to help them cross into the tunnel of spirit. After my work was done the home began to feel peaceful and calm. A week later the father called me to say they loved their home and had no intention of selling, now the former tenants had been moved on.

Case Study
by Caterina Ligato