Psychic Interfence

Psychic Interfence

At 25 I began to get involved in meditation and undertook many courses. Whilst I felt the wonders of a growing consciousness, I also became aware of an occasional sense of unease. As part of my interest in the ‘New Age’, I enrolled in a local workshop about Practicing Magic. Whilst I didn’t take it too seriously, I tried out a few magic spells and thought I was having some great results! I became friends with the the magic workshops practitioner and she even spent some time living at my house.

Life seemed pretty fine for a while. Work was going well and I had met my partner. But increasingly I was living a ‘partying’ lifestyle – regularly drinking and taking recreational drugs. On one such evening I became angered at a neighbour and performed a drunken ‘ritual’ directing negative energy at the person. I immediately regretted what I had done and hoped it was a bit of silliness that would be of no harm. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Even though there were many normal events happening in my life, increasingly unusual things were beginning to happen. Items would go missing around the house. Things would just seem to go wrong a lot. My temperament started to change. I became ill-tempered, overstressed and exhausted. My physical appearance began to dramatically change. I often got the feeling that something ‘malevolent’ was present. Fairly minor situations that would normally be easy to resolve, would escalate and become hurtful or damaging and out of control. Relationships within work, finances, my partners business, close family and friends began to suffer. My partner and I became the target of very negative and extreme situations. Our previously successful business took a turn for the worse and went into liquidation. A disgruntled employee threatened us with black magic. We then became the target of constant extremely violent threats and were forced to move house for fear of physical attack.

I put my exhaustion down to caring for our new baby but the feelings went beyond normal. Arguments with my husband got worse and we began to contemplate divorce. There were unexplained foul odours. House infestations of flies, mice, maggots and rats. I had very extreme views to religion which was out of character. More frightening, I started to have random thoughts that I just KNEW weren’t my own. I was lucky that I was a strong and positive person. But I could see how easily you could slip into thinking you were going mad or actually lose yourself eventually. I felt like I was in a fight for my soul at times to stay positive and to stay ‘me’.

Even though we were able to ‘rationalise’ many things that were happening – events were just so extraordinary and beyond normal. Almost contrived in some strange way. After 3 years and convinced we were under some kind of paranormal influence, I prayed for help. Within a day I found Caterina Ligato. I visited her the following week and Caterina confirmed my concerns. She undertook an exorcism healing to remove what had been a number of negative energies that had become attached to me. Unprotected meditation had left me exposed to other realms, but it was my dabbling in magic, use of drugs and finally the black magic spell cast by the employee that introduced a malevolent entity into my life. When I left Caterina that day, I felt an amazing peace that I have never felt before. I knew that she had undertaken a profound spiritual ritual to heal me. For many days afterwards I could feel the intense presence of it. Finally, I felt back to normal. Life immediately returned to a loving and positive experience again.

I now know there is existence of good and bad energies in this world. Perhaps that was my lesson to learn. I have had to deal with the sadness of what happened over those years but Caterina’s wonderful healing has put me back on the right path to personal and spiritual growth.

I cannot recommend Caterina more highly. I am forever grateful to her.

Louise – Sydney